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Pictured to the right are Ellis 4x4 Screw Jacks and Ellis Purlin Splicers used to level the sagging floor in a house with conventional flooring.

Here a home owner used Ellis 4x4 Screw Jacks to level the sagging floor.  Access to the underside of the floor was obtained through a crawl space.  
For a solid foundation, the Screw jacks were placed on concrete piers.  Then 4x4 lumber was placed inside the screw jacks.  Next, the 4x4 Lumber was secured to a horizontal 4x6 beam using an Ellis Purlin Splicer and then jacked into position.

Pictured right are ELLIS STEEL SHORES  used to re-level and support sagging floor joists in a residential application. The Ellis Steel Shores are available in many different heights with various lengths of screw adjustment.  They are available with or without thrust bearings in the adjustment nut. The purpose of the bearings is to reduce friction when making adjustment under load and provide the ability to jack weight.
Choose from three types:

More Details on How to Fix Your Sagging Floors                                   

1.  Simply cut your lumber to proper length:

         Measure the total shoring height (floor to beam).

         Subtract the total height of the object you will set the Ellis Screw Jack on top of from the total shoring height; for example, a piering block (like pictured above).

         Subtract 9.5 if you are using a 4x4 or 11 if using a 6x6 Ellis Screw Jack.  This is the total distance from the bottom of the square tubing of the Screw Jack (this is where the lumber will sit inside the jack) to the base of the Screw Jack.

2.  Attach lumber to Screw Jack w/ duplex nails through holes on

     opposing sides of Screw Jack.

3.  Attach Ellis Purlin Splicer  or Beam Holder in position using duplex 
     nails along the beam where floor raising is desired.  Or Attach
     Ellis Joist Holder directly to the joist where floor leveling is desired.
4.  Slip 4x4 or 6x6 Lumber into Ellis Purlin Splicer / Joist Holder and
     attach to beam or joist using duplex nails.
5.  Screw Jack to height.
         Ellis Screw Jacks can be adjusted a full 6".  This can be  
         accomplished by turning the handle by hand, hitting the handle 
         w/ a hammer or placing a 2x4 between the screw and handle for 
         extra leverage when turning.      
**For proper leveling, use Ellis Screw Jacks every 2'.
**If loads require more than 4000 lbs. of LIFTING capacity use the Ellis 
  Hydraulic Jack for extra lifting power. 

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