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Ellis Guard Rail Systems - [Back to Main Products Page]
Slip on Guardrail Bracket
Slab Grabber Slip-On Guardrail Bracket Parapet Guardrail QuickRail Parapet Guardrail

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GRS-1 Guardrail Stanchion "Slab Grabber"  PAINTED 25.0 lbs. $74.00 Each
GRS-1G Guardrail Stanchion "Slab Grabber" GALVANIZED 25.0 lbs. $84.00 Each

GRS-1 Used

Guardrail Stanchion Slab Grabber
25.0 lbs. Call For Price

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SGB-4 Ellis Slip-on Guard Rail Bracket 6.0 lbs. $21.00 Each
GRS-P12 Guardrail System for Parapet Wall 12"   23.0 lbs. $75.00 Each
GRS-P24 Guardrail System for Parapet Wall  24" 30 lbs. $90.00 Ea.

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Guardrail Stanchion / Slab Grabber

36" Guardrail Stanchion Slab Grabbers
Keeping your guard rail projects in line are easy work with the Ellis Guard Rail Stanchion. For affordably fast, safe, and unusually strong guard rails, the Ellis Guard Rail Stanchions quickly adjust to concrete slabs up to 36 inches while clamping onto the slab at every 6 feet. Use 2x4’s, 2x6’s or cable for rails and 2x4's for toe boards.

Available new or used in a PAINTED or GALVANIZED FINISH!!

ELLIS  "SLAB GRABBER"  BENEFITS:Turn Handle to Adjust Guardrail Stanchion

Easily and quickly adjusts with the handle to fit slabs up to 36”. Wrench adjustment is optional. Just 20 Ft. / Lbs. of torque is needed to secure guardrail to slab edge.

Constructed with 5/8” Acme Screw inside for firm grip on slab. Will withstand horizontal loads in excess of 250 lbs.

Meets and exceeds OSHA standards. Manufactured with quality welds and durable steel.   Height of Guardrail Stanchion from top of slab to top rail is 46".

Like all Ellis Manufacturing Products, this one is built to last and only requires a minimal investment. 
Perfect for concrete construction, Ellis Guard Rail Stanchions are a favorite of concrete contractors who are looking for a fast, affordable way to create strong guard railing.
 Drawing of Guardrail Stanchion Attached to Concrete Slab

The Guardrail Stanchion is also available to fit the top of walls (Parapet Walls).

Perimeter Protection Post
Item # PPP-FP

Parapet Guardrail System (GRS-P)

Guardrail Stanchion (Slab Grabber) In Use

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