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JH-4 Joist Holder 4x4 4.0 lbs. $19.00 Each
JHD-4 DOUBLE Joist Holder 4x4 4.0 lbs. $21.00 Each
JHT-4 TRIPLE Joist Holder 4x4 4.5 lbs. $23.00 Each
PS-4 Beam Holder 4x4
See Purlin Splicer 4x4
3.5 lbs. $19.00Each
JH-6 Joist Holder 6x6 8.0 lbs. $32.00 Each
JHD-6 DOUBLE Joist Holder 6x6 8.0 lbs. $34.00 Each
JHT-6 TRIPLE Joist Holder 6x6 8.0 lbs. $36.00 Each
BH-6 Beam Holder 6x6 8.0 lbs. $37.00 Each
PS-6 Ellis Purlin Splicer 6x6 10.0 lbs. $30.00 Ea.
JS-2 Joist Spacer 2x4 1.50 lbs. $19.50 Each
JS-4 Joist Spacer 4x4 1.75 lbs. $19.50 Each

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Joist Holder (JH-4)                                                                  

Excellent when used to secure 4x4 post to joist in crawl space under houses.  "U" shaped bracket on top fits any 2 x joist / beam to create extreme lateral support.   Square tube on bottom allows 4x4 or 6x6 shore lumber to fit securely. Use 1" screws to secure through any of 12 screw holes.

Ellis Joist Holder


Dimensions of Joist Holder









Joist Holder Under House

Double Joist Holder 4x4 (JHD-4)                                  

Double Joist Holder 4x4

Triple Joist Holder 4x4 (JHT-4)                               

Above sizes also available to fit a vertical 6x6 post shore (pictured below).
Joist Holder 6x6 (JH-6)                                                   

Double Joist Holder 6x6 (JHD-6)                             

riple Joist Holder 6x6 (JHT-6)                                   

Beam Holder (BH-6)                                              

We've designed the Beam Holder to work just like the Joist Holder.  The only difference is that instead of attaching it to a 2x4 Joist, it will attach to a 4x4 or 4x6 Beam. 

Pictured below is a Beam Holder 6x6, it will accept a 6x6 post from the bottom and a 4x4 or 4x6 across the top.  If a beam holder 4x4 is desired the Ellis 4x4 Purlin Splicer is a comparable alternative.

Beam Holder

6x6 PURLIN SPLICER SPECIFICATIONS:                            

MATERIAL:           3/16 STEEL6x6 Purlin Splicer
BOTTOM WIDTH:   5-3/4" I.D.
TOP WIDTH:          5-7/8" I.D.
WEIGHT:               10 LBS.
ITEM #:                  PS-6
DESCRIPTION: This product assures strong & safe joint of Horizontal 6x6 Purlin and Vertical 6x6 shore.

Joist Spacers (JS-2 & JS-4)
JS-2 JS-4



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Ellis Screw Jacks

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